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             EY Connect Day 2021: NFTE World Series of Innovation

Every fall, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) launches a new set of challenges in the NFTE World Series of Innovation, inviting young people to get involved in solving the biggest challenges facing humanity today and help advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. On EY Connect Day 2021, you’ll participate in an Innovation Day as a Coach, assisting students as they brainstorm their solutions and prepare their submissions for the EY specific World Series of Innovation Challenge.

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**If you are a volunteer outside the US, you can input “00000” on the home zipcode field when you register for a NFTE volunteer account.

Prepare to go from EY Volunteer to an Innovation Day Coach by completing the steps below:

7 Steps to become an EY Innovation Day Coach

Complete these steps after registration and before the Volunteer Orientation on Tuesday, November 2**

  1. First time volunteering with NFTE? Gain a brief overview of NFTE’s mission by reviewing the NFTE website and watching this video
  1. Learn about the World Series of Innovation, specifically the EY Challenge:
  • Understand the EY Challenge and the problem being addressed: Design a solution to help secure a livable future by promoting collaborative action on sustainability by business, government and civil society.
  1. Understand your role as an Innovation Day Coach:
  • You will lead a small group of students as they team to develop an innovative solution to the EY Challenge, including: understanding the problem, identifying the ‘customer’ and developing a solution to meet the need
  • While the students will be introduced to the challenge by their NFTE teacher, they will look to you, as their Innovation Day Coach, for clarification and help.
  • All EY volunteers should familiarize themselves with the Innovation Day Guide-100 min agenda and Innovation Day Guide-70 minute agenda, in detail, and be comfortable talking about the core concepts of the EY Challenge, including:
    • What is the EY Challenge aiming to solve?  How does Innovative Collaboration underpin it?
    • What are the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?  What is SDG 17?
    • What are some examples of collective action through a collaboration?

4.  Preview the World Series of Innovation Facilitation Slide Deck: that will be used by the NFTE Team on EY Connect Day to facilitate.

      5.  Familiarize yourself with the materials you’ll use during the coaching session with students:  

  1. Prepare to Zoom: make sure you have access to the necessary functions including: camera, microphone, and screensharing option during breakout rooms, to guide, coach, and collaborate with students.
    • Remember to change your Zoom name to ‘EY: Your Name’
    • Download and use any of the NFTE Innovation Day and EY Connect Day Zoom Backgrounds linked here.
  1. **Register and Attend/Watch the Volunteer Orientation for your respective session
    1.  Tuesday, November 2, 2021 (US and Canada volunteers): 
    1. Wednesday, November 3, 2021 (Mexico volunteers ONLY).       Register with this link5:00 PM-6:00 PM EST