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The Media Release gives the NFTE permission to use, reproduce, electronically publish, and display in all media the volunteer’s name, photograph, and any of the volunteer's information provided. Click here to download.  

Submission of the NFTE volunteer application requires the acknowledgement and acceptance of all terms and purposes provided herein.
Submission of the NFTE volunteer application provides permission to NFTE to use, reproduce, electronically publish, and display volunteer name, photograph and any information provided by me in all media, including, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines, television, radio and Internet web sites.
Submission of the NFTE volunteer application represents the acknowledgement and understanding that this media will be accessible throughout the world and that stories, including volunteer information and/or image, may appear in written, video, electronic and other forms.
The volunteer understands that information provided by volunteers, including their name, photograph and information about the volunteer's NFTE activities may be used by NFTE and its partners to promote NFTE and entrepreneurship education generally.
Submission of the NFTE volunteer application thereby releases and holds harmless NFTE and NFTE’s agents and employees from any claims of infringement, invasion of privacy, defamation or misappropriation arising from the use of the information for the purposes provided herein.