Welcome to NFTE Baltimore

NFTE Baltimore works with 20 Certified Entrepreneurship teachers across 13 schools in Baltimore City to deliver entrepreneurial programming to more than 650 students.  Volunteers are essential to every NFTE program.  Our volunteers collaborate with CETs and bring the curriculum to life for our students.

They do so by sharing their business experience and working one-on-one with students to help develop their entrepreneurial mindset.  Our students often tell us that a highlight of the program is working with the different professionals who volunteer of their time.

We are pleased and grateful that you have decided to sign up as a NFTE Baltimore volunteer and look forward to working with you.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are diverse individuals—corporate executives at major national and international companies, entrepreneurs, young professionals, retired executives, and mid-level managers—who represent all aspects of business operations. They are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and helping students define their pathway to prosperity. Our volunteers’ efforts have a direct and lasting influence on the personal and professional successes of our young people.

Become a NFTE volunteer

By lending your talent and time, you can present new perspectives on the NFTE curriculum to students. As a volunteer, you can choose from several exciting opportunities that range from one-hour, one-day classroom options to multiple-days service with a school or class on a regular basis. Our program manager and staff are available during volunteer assignments to lend support and guidance. To find an opportunity that interests you and fits your schedule, review the brief descriptions of our four principle volunteer positions here.

Are you ready to join us as a volunteer? We hope you are. The process is clear and simple. Click Become a Volunteer and complete the application. You can also contact Dawn Edwards via darlene.ajayi@nfte.com or 443.276.9888 for more information about volunteering.