NFTE Volunteer Code of Conduct

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s Volunteer Code of Conduct Agreement contains only a few examples of appropriate conduct that we expect from our volunteers. Inappropriate conduct could lead to dismissal from volunteer service.

As a volunteer, I will:
Represent the organization with professionalism, dignity, and pride.

Follow through and complete accepted tasks.

Conduct myself in a respectful manner, exhibit good conduct, and be a positive role model.

Participate in orientation, training for my volunteer role, meetings, and other learning opportunities to help me work effectively in the position.

Respect staff, volunteers, school administrators and teachers, students, and property.

Provide a safe environment by not causing harm to anyone through discrimination, sexual or other unlawful harassment, physical force, verbal or mental abuse, negligence, and other negative acts.

Respect the privacy of NFTE constituents and keep confidential all sensitive, private, and personal information.

Inform staff of progress, concerns, and problems in the program(s) in which I participate.

Collaborate as a team member with staff and volunteers.

Uphold all NFTE policies and program expectations.

Keep personal opinions and actions separate from those made as a representative of the organization.

Promote and support NFTE in developing effective programs locally and statewide.
As a volunteer, I will not:
Meet alone with any NFTE student or alumni under the age of 18, unless authorized by the organization.
Transport NFTE students or alumni under the age of 18 in any motor vehicle.
Communicate one-on-one with any NFTE student or alumni under the age of 18 in people or via e-mail, telephone, mobile phone, text messaging, and social-networking websites unless authorized by the organization.
Use vulgar and inappropriate language.
Solicit gratuities, gifts, or bequest for personal or profession benefit.
Use or be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.
Smoke cigarettes or a pipe, or use tobacco at NFTE sites or events.

Discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation.