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Welcome to NFTE’s Volunteer Homepage

We are pleased to welcome you to our volunteer homepage.


Our volunteers’ service and support are so important to the  more than 500,000 young people whom we have helped over the years through our entrepreneurship program. Because of our volunteers’ and supporters’ willingness to share their professional expertise, time, and donations, we are able to help shape the future of thousands of low-income youth.

With volunteer help and participation, we guide young people along the pathway of entrepreneurship education. We teach them financial literacy. We teach them how to combine ingenuity with analysis and discipline with creativity to develop successful business plans as well as the self-confidence to follow their dreams and aspirations.

We invite you to join us as we continue our volunteer efforts to actualize our mission.


NFTE offers our volunteers the opportunity to adopt a class, connecting directly with a group of students over the course of the year. Adoption brings a full year of a NFTE in-school Entrepreneurship or Tech-Entrepreneurship course to students, including the NFTE curriculum, experiential activity materials, field trips, volunteer engagement, and student assessment (diagnostic, summative, and formative; tracked in Salesforce to optimize student impact).

To Adopt A Class, contact

Does Your Company Adopt A Class?

Many NFTE corporate partners choose to adopt classes. Your company may be one of them! To find out if you can volunteer in an employer-sponsored classroom, contact your employer’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department, or ask NFTE at

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